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The Animals of the Selling Kingdom

The Animals of the Selling Kingdom

The world of a sales team is a complete mess. No one better understands this than Edward Camen Jr.

The Animals of the Selling Kingdom: Who are you in this Jungle?, allows Edward to break from the norm in the sales industry. He reinvents.

Using his experience in retail sales of more than 20 years, Edward brings a new idea to the table. Instead of looking at sales teams through a classical lens where the whole team performs uniformly and you are taught how to identify the customer, he suggests that we should instead look and identify who we are and what our role is in the business world. He explains how each member has their own quality, their animal, which helps them find themselves.

He imagines the business field as a jungle where each animal represents a certain type of sales representative. He then explains how each sales representative has a unique characteristic that helps them advance. There are characteristics of eight animals ranging from the eagle to the shark, lion, and more who are compared to the different roles of sales team representatives.

Doing all this, he explores the sales environment, breaking it down so that anyone can understand by steering off using industry-specific lingo only. Join Edward Camen Jr in this foray into the business jungle to help you understand who you are or who you might be in the business jungle and where you can improve.

"A good comparison with the competing environment of the natural and the business worlds."

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